Jen (jevechan) wrote in waxing_creative,

maybe not finished

A serpent twists inside me now
Never resting nor letting me rest
Writhing slowly, asserting its presence
Hiding its purpose and desire
I do not know its meaning.
I wait for clues, and rock it to sleep
But still it moves among my bones
Its restless waves waking my thoughts,
keeping me on the watch for…something.
It is in my belly, restlessly quivering
It is in my head, aching dully
It is in my skin, pinching with claws
It is in my muscles, subtle shock therapy
Speak to me
Tell me what to do
Point me north, or east, or west
Give me a push
Show me a sign
Give me a boat and an oar or an omen.
Block my path
Or open a new one.
Break the clouds
And show the sun shining.
Let a tree fall
Or a day end
Or a skin be shed on a branch
In a cool, dark place.
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