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I am new...but some things I recently found. Please comment!

Some poems I recently wrote...yes..I have feelings....I just tend to express them in odd ways...anyhow...


Turning over,
pulling the sheets
over my head.
Not wanting today to begin,
knowign you will not be there.

In the silent life of my dreams,
I always knwo you care.
I fall quietly back to sleep.
adrit in a peaceful land,
a place that I know exists,
at least within my head
to be carried with me,
but not alive at day.

I must get up,
and that is just what I do,
guessing what today will be like,
be like without you.
I can imagine I will be bored,
but then I am lost
my life is not yours.
I must live in my own.
I must see myself,
apart from you.
Until once again
I retreat,
to the utopia of my dreams,
to be held in your arms.


Stay by my side,
together in some way always.
You and I.
My hand in yours,
your arms around me,
feeling for your tender lips,
hoping they meet mine,
in a moment of eternal sustainment.
Now is all we need.
A love once to last forever,
even if it is only in the quiet life of my dreams.
Someday I will see you.
Two sould parted
only to meet again.
I love you truly,
and nothing will make me forget,
my promise to you.
You are and always will be,
my first, my last,
my only sense of pleasure.


Rolling over
grasping the emptiness beside me.
You aren't there.
Dancing circles across the floor.
My partner is missing.
Crying onto the shoulder
of infinitesimal nothingness.
I am all alone,
missing you in everything
I do.

Elemental Separation

Grasping for anything,
anything to keep a hold on
my memories of you.
You are so far away,
it seems like it was all a fantasy.
I still carry you with me,
but only as the emptiness,
no one else can fill.
We have adhered to the wants
of our hearts thus far.
You and I shared all,
and still try,
but it seems drastically different.
There is no touch,
no vision,
no silent caresses,
in a time of need.
An overall numbness
between two celestial bodies.
The stars are the same,
but don't seem so,
when you are not here.


What are you thinking?
I really wish I knew.
We are sitting here talking,
about what we've been through.
All the while I'm seeing,
this isn't really you.

You seem so far away,
unable to share with me.
Tomorrow, is a new day,
But I still hope you will be
just the way
that you used to be.


Wondering what you're feeling
deep inside your heart
being that
we are so far apart.
Distance has been put between us,
causing our thoughts to stray.
They say it makes our hearts
grow stronger each day.
Yet all that I can say
is that I wish you could stay
with me, by my side


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